90% of all proceeds donated go to help those in need.

Dental Charity

Give the Gift of Grace

Our Vision is Simple – Give People a Gift

We want to give people a no-questions-asked, no-applications-required, no-proving-income, GIFT. Other Dental Charities offer assistance primarily directed towards children or others without the financial resources. The benefit is rewarded after review of an application request, filled out by the person in need. These applications require proof you have no other source of income. DFOG was founded on two important assumptions: 

  1. The true spirit of charity has been taken away by an application process.
  2. Most people who work hard yet have little to no savings are falling outside the income requirements but still can not afford dental care. We aim to fix that.

Our Vision is Ambitious

We plan to help thousands of people with their dental bills over the next five years. To do that, we need your help. Please consider donating or becoming a partner dentist.

Our Vision is to Change the Norm

The operational process of Dental Foundation of Grace is designed to change the current cultural norms through its selection procedures of recipients.

  • Benefits will be distributed once a year around the first of December.
  • We are open to helping all individuals under payment plans with dental practices.
  • We are open to helping all others where discovery is found or directed by donors. We will add recipient grants when a need is discovered and during an emergency – if available based on donations.
  • We will partner with Dental Offices’ front staff for discovery (an anonymous list) of candidates. 
  • Our primary focus is based on the aspect of grace within our charity; charitable relief comes from the fact that candidates do not apply and are unaware a charity is considering paying their dental debt. Or when identified by our partners, granted to receive treatment that is delayed or ignored due to financial ability.
  • Upon selection of population to receive the benefits from our charity, the dental office’s staff then has the pleasure of calling recipients informing them a charity has resolved the issue of their outstanding debt or pre-dental expense requirements.
  • Dental Foundation of Grace prays that individuals will discover hope and awareness that a charity exists that is searching to assist them to the glory and honor of God.


We believe donors are blessed to be a blessing for others!

Contact Information

3921 Vista Greens Drive
Fort Worth, Texas, 76244


90% of all proceeds donated go to help those in need.

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