90% of all proceeds donated go to help those in need.

Dental Charity

Give the Gift of Grace

The Dental Foundation of Grace was born from a simple desire to help. During a routine dental visit, I discovered the need firsthand as I noticed the facial expression of an individual when she discovered her insurance wasn’t going to cover her expenses. Many wish that assistance could be reached when faced with unexpected dental expenses. They don’t know where to look, nor where to turn for help. This brought back memories of when my face had the same expression when starting out in life and the empty feeling inside returned.

The Inspiration

It was during this simple encounter that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and placed on my heart the desire to assist individuals with these overwhelming dental expense issues. After personally helping a few individuals each year out of pocket, it whet my appetite to reach as many of these cases as I could, so I began the process of building a 501 C-3 charity that would increase the scale and efficiency and help more people!

The charity is a mission placed on my heart to increase the awareness of the love our father in heaven has for his children. “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”.

The Need

78% of full-time workers in the US live paycheck to paycheck where there is no savings and no buffer for emergencies. I am sure that most of you understand this, or have lived it at some point in your life. When an unexpected bill comes up there is a choice that has to be made. Often this choice is between paying the emergency bill or paying: Rent, Food, Clothes, Daycare, Electricity, and so on.

What if a little bit of giving could help stop the cycle of having to choose between homelessness or paying a dental bill? Our logo represents that gift of grace. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit leaning forward to catch someone before they fall off that cliff.


We believe donors are blessed to be a blessing for others!

Contact Information

3921 Vista Greens Drive
Fort Worth, Texas, 76244


90% of all proceeds donated go to help those in need.

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