My name is Jack James, the founder of the Dental Foundation of Grace.

During a routine dental visit, I discovered the need for dental assistance firsthand as I noticed the facial expression of an individual when she discovered her insurance wasn’t going to cover her expenses. She was clearly searching for some hope of assistance, and there was little available. This brought back memories of when my face had the same expression when starting out in life and the empty feeling inside returned.

It was during this simple encounter that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and placed on my heart the desire to assist individuals with these overwhelming dental expense issues. After personally helping a few individuals each year out of pocket, it whet my appetite to reach as many of these cases as I could, so I began the process of building a 501 C-3 charity that would increase the scale and efficiency and help more people!

I am thankful to God that we have received our charity status and are now in the business of helping other people! Meet DFOG’s newly minted DFOG board members.

Jack James


Robert McLelland III


Madison A. James


You can learn more about the board members here.

Have a Blessed Day,