A high school student being raised by his grandmother presented to our office with two of his upper front teeth broken and causing him pain due to a severe infection. He was told by our doctor that he was on the verge of losing at least one of the teeth if treatment was not done in a timely manner. Upon hearing the news, This patient became very discouraged because he did not know how he nor his grandmother was going to be able to afford the treatment he was just presented with.

Several weeks went by when one of our front office members reached out to his grandmother offering her a payment plan of some sort so that we could get her grandson in as quickly as possible. But we were told once again that she just could not afford it at this time because she too was going through some health issues and her finances just were not where she could perhaps splurge on helping her grandson.

Mr. James then comes into our office on one day in December and our eyes and our hearts lit up – because we knew what he was there for, being he comes in every December to pay off someone’s account balance.

This time we asked Mr. James if he would pay towards treatment that was needed for the high school student we had all been so concerned about. Upon calling his grandmother to let her know that we could get started on her grandson’s treatment , due to someone else helping her with the payment, tears of joy started overflowing from everyone who was involved with this young man’s situation.

The high school student had the treatment done and he has been smiling ever since. The amount of gratitude he has is overwhelming and his confidence shows. He graduated high school and has a full time job. He comes every six months for his check up and even though there is more treatment needed, his life has been changed because of the selflessness of Mr. James.