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Unexpected Dental Expenses = Crisis for Many

Hard-working families, single parents, and seniors are sometimes just one unexpected bill away from financial crisis. And when living paycheck to paycheck, dental care can feel like a luxury. When faced with surprise dental expenses, these individuals don’t know where to turn, and few agencies are set up to help them unless they are below the poverty level. Dental Foundation Of Grace (DFOG) is a unique kind of charity that searches for just such individuals in order to provide relief from their dental debt. We work through partnerships with private dental practices and church outreach efforts.

We offer the Gift of Grace. No Questions Asked.

How We are Different

Many dental charities offer assistance primarily directed towards children or others without the financial resources, yet there are many strings attached and it can be a difficult process to qualify for help. The operational process of Dental Foundation of Grace is designed to change the current cultural norms through its selection procedures of recipients. Real people, helping real people.


How many times have you come across patients who desperately needed your help but just didn’t have the money? By partnering with us, you will get to help (without sacrificing your practice!) Find out how to become a dental partner with the Dental Foundation of Grace here.


You can help someone who has to choose between paying a major bill, or paying their rent. We are committed to helping those who fall in the “income verification”; too much income to qualify, not enough to pay the bills. Change someones life today.

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90% of all proceeds donated go to help those in need.

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